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The Collaborative Healing Spot

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About Us

The Collaborative Healing Spot Community was founded by Brittany Rose Green and Miriam Popp on the bases of seeing an ever growing confusion about what services to use and where to go when you are struggling to figure out life! Brittany and Miriam wanted to create a safe spot for all people to gain exposure to vetted professionals, new modalities, and a wide variety of healing material where they could make more informed decisions about the next leg of their healing journey. 

The Collaborative Healing Spot Community is one filled with connection, exploration, and a desire to learn how to heal. 

The Collaborative Healing Spot incorporates live q&as and trainings, community conversations, guest teachers, accountability, and a library of resources to binge on as you see fit. 

It is Brittany and Miriam's goal to help guide you on this journey of deep transformation and healing so you may live a life that feels more conscious, manageable, and joy-filled! 


Why You Should Join Us

Our community is the momentum and motivation you've been searching for. With multiple coaches each supporting you in their zone of genius, tons of binge worthy resources, live workshops, and group accountability sessions, there is something for everyone here! This is where your personal revolution begins!

A Big Thanks

To all of our founding members who have been with us since day one. We appreciate your insight, your trust, and your contribution to this community! Thank you!


We are celebrating 1 year as a CHS Family!!

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